Aww, Chizik (Updated)

Update: Apparently the limited respect I still had for Gene was still too much. This guy seems to be an inside and reliable source on the CF forums.  To hear that Gene is trying to poach students is really disgusting at this point.  I hope this is more overblown that it sounds.  Roll Tide.

Ever notice how 'Chizik' works as a fantastic replacement swear word?  Arnaud fumbled - Chizik! The secondary let them through again - Chizik!  Yet another field goal goes wide - Aww....hell....Chizik.  I know I've been saying it all season.  Seems appropriate today.

What can we take out of this?  Well:

  • We got bought out, so at least we have some money to go shopping with.  I've read rumors of a MASSIVE buyout clause, but we'll see.
  • We don't have to deal with assistants that came on because they were the coach's friends and got only demoted and not fired because they were the coach's friends.  I can't see them staying now.  Yes, we have have to start completely over, but I think the assistants have shown they were as in over their heads as Gene was.
  • Better this happened now, than 2 years from now.  Not that I think we'd have as bad of record over the next 2 years, but odds were still good that we'd be looking for a new coach at that point.  Better to waste 2 years than 4.

I feel bad for JP.  I really do.  He got lied to as much as the fans did.  Reading his offical statement, he's ticked.  That's as close to a 'don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out' as you can say.  I trust JP.  True, I trusted Chizik.  But JP's brought an energy to the department and to the University that just wasn't there under VanDeVelde.  He's been kind to departments like the band, mascot, and cheer teams that didn't get much appreciation before.  He's doing the right thing.  We pride ourselves in being the most patient fans in the nation; I think we really have to live up to that now.

I got this year's poster personally signed by Gene at a Cyclone Club dinner before the season started.  It's got the right message on it, even if Gene couldn't walk the talk: "I am a warrior.  A member of a team.  I am physically and mentally tough.  I never quit.  I am a Cyclone."







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