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Was sent to bash Wayne Morgan, and the same group jumped on and spewed their opinions on what a worthless human being Wayne is.

I would never say that Wayne was a great coach, by any stretch of the imagination.  But I find it funny that the biggest Greg McDermott, who hasn't won anything of note, supporters are the ones bashing away.

People seem to forget that NOBODY wanted the Iowa State coaching job when Wayne took over.  We had been turned down by Jeff Lebo (who is struggling at Auburn), AND the guy at Wyoming, who has since been fired.

All Wayne did was get to an NIT Final Four, and the second round of the NCAA's.  His last team had no experience in post, and so Stinson, and Blaylock had to try to do everything by themselves.  Of course the Mac people march out what  talented teams those were, as anyone can tell by all of the lottery picks, oh wait, 

The thing that I find the most humorous is that we have a coach now that has NEVER won an NCAA game (he has won just a couple D 2 tourney games whoo hoo), and lost to the bad Morgan team with his best team.  Add the fact that apparently NOBODY wants to play for him, once a better offer comes along, and you have a program in the condition that this one is in now.  Plus the one win he had against Iowa State involved an unconscious performance from behind the arc.

Noone, let alone me, thinks that Wayne Morgan was the long term answer for the Iowa State program.  But for any of the blindly loyal Dan McCarney type love that McDermott is getting, he has proved NOTHING. 

As someone who remembers Lynne Nance, and that nightmare, as I sit and I watch Iowa State basketball die, it hurts a lot.  Johnny, Tim, and  Larry for two years made this program relevant, now we get ONE ESPN game.  Good job Greg!

I am pretty sure that Jamie Pollard has a list of guys that may be the next one in.  The problem is that the program may never again reach a level that we lead ESPN, like we did when WAYNE'S team went to Lawrence, and beat the number two team in the nation on their floor.  Hell, I would just be happy to see Greg win ONE game that he isn't supposed to.  I won't hold my breath.


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