Preview: Kent State

-Bryce is going to be one of the guys helping out these days...


"You know, I thought this would go differently.  I thought we'd all be huggin', and high-fivin'…"


Those were the words said to me by the next guy over in my row last season as the final seconds ticked down in the home opening loss to Kent State last season.  Fortunately this year should be different but Kent State might give ISU a little more trouble than they are hoping for.



They return 15 starters off a team that beat ISU last season including mobile Quarterback Julian Edelman and leading rusher Eugene Jarvis.  Edelman really hurt ISU last year with his running ability and the little 5'5" scat back Jarvis made a lot of Cyclones miss.  Last week against SDSU ISU showed it still had some tackling problems, and so they'll really need to concentrate on wrapping up and bringing down their man.  Jarvis and Edelman combined for almost 200 yards rushing last season and that really can't happen this year.

However this is a different year and ISU fans should expect a victory and probably a solid one at that.  Kent State was thumped by BC on Saturday and while this ISU team still has its problems it is light years ahead of where it was last season at this time.  Plus, there were rumors that Chizik issued a warning that the team that they needed to win and win big or there would be consequences, and I imagine the same decree has been said this week after what happened last season.





ISU cannot sleepwalk through this game and expect to win but Kent State struggled more as the year progressed last season and they only ended up at 3-9 and lost their last six games.  They put up a goose egg against BC.  ISU needs to take the opportunity to continue to develop some chemistry along both lines and try to find out the winner of the Arnaud/Bates battle for the year.  I always maintain postseason hope until we are mathematically eliminated but losing this game would make getting to a bowl game extremely difficult and I have no doubt the coaches have expressed that to the team.

Things I'm hoping to see:

Controlling the line of scrimmage, improved tackling, and no injuries.  Hopefully there is an expansion of the offensive playbook.  As always a Cyclone victory.


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