Congrats from a Hawkeye fan.

Hello to all the ISU fans (and anyone else reading this).  What I am about to type may sound smarmy, back-handed, and possibly douche-like.  But I want you to know that it comes with the best of intentions. 

Earlier this year, I think even before the Iowa v. ISU game, I made fun of some ISU fan for his/her prediction that ISU would get to 6 wins this year (I think it was you, Mr. Kieffer).  If you want to, you can read said argument here:

So, now that you guys are 5-3, have just broken 30+ years of history, and are officially competitive in your division, I must make my return and apologize.  I thought there was no way you guys would win much more than 4 games this year.  I foresaw that you might lose a couple games you shouldn't (one or two of:  NDSU, Army, Kent St). I didn't want to get too pompous and predict an Iowa thumping of you, but in the back of my mind, you couldn't beat us.  I couldn't see you guys going better than 3-5 in conference games.  So of course, I figured 5 wins would be a very good year for you.

Sure, you lost to a horrific Kansas State team.  Sure, your kicking of field goals and extra points is still highly suspect at best.  Sure, Nebraska may be a group of the most offensively-inept performers against real teams that I can remember. 

But I can't take the credit from you.  Your team has shown flashes of decency.  Your coach looks like mildly-competent, and he definitely appears to be emotionally-connected to your team and fanbase.  These are things I could not say about the current Auburn coach when he was cashing his paycheck and job-hunting last year. 

So, while I still hate Jamie Pollard, and I think Iowa and Iowa State could have rough basketball seasons coming up, I want to wish your football program the best of luck from here on out.  I wouldn't mind if you decided to win the Big 12 North.  I hope you make a bowl game.  I hope you can look back at the 2009 football season and say "What a nice start to the Paul Rhoads era."

Man, this plate of crow doesn't remotely taste like chicken.

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