Top 10 Kicks to the Stones of Cyclone fans


I started watching Keith Murphy and Andy Fales on Sunday nights on SoundOff when I came to ISU.  When I found out that they would be starting a daily radio show I figured I should check it out.  So I did.  The highlight of their first show was an hour discussing Cael Sanderson to Penn State and who the Cyclones shoud hire to take his place.  After that Paul Rhoads was the first guest.

Today's show (4/21) consisted of the guys debating the top 10 kicks to the stones that cyclone fans have faces in the past 10 years.  I was intrigued by what they had to say.

Here's what they came up with after taking calls throughout the show.  I think I'm gonna add my opinions about each item as well.

10. Wesley Johnson is the face of the program. The program is Syracuse.

There's no easy way to put this one.  It sucked.  We all know what could have been.

9. Iowa State outplays Alabama in Independence Bowl but loses despite a last second game-winning field goal attempt by Tony Yelk that Dan McCarney still claims was good.

I remember watching this game and the tv showing the ball fly over the post over and over again. Heck of a game, terriible ending.

8. Iowa State starts trying to run out the clock in third quarter of football game at Kansas. A Cyclone win clinches Big 12 North title. Instead, Kansas comes back to beat Iowa State with a back-up quarterback.

I don't really remember this one but its was the second of 2 overtime loses that would have clinched a spot in the Big 12 title game.

7. Iowa State will be invited to Champs Bowl in Florida after beating hapless UConn on Senior Day at Jack Trice Stadium. UConn wins easily, ISU plays on blue field in snow.

This was the second ISU game that I ever went to (first was Mizzou the same year).  I can tell you that the team that I saw play on that day looked nothing like the team that beat Mizzou.

6. Gene Chizik "Chizzes" Iowa State, leaving a trail of broken promises  in Cyclone country and broken hearts in the Iowa State locker room.

5. Larry Eustachy forced to resign after embarrassing party photos are shown all over national TV. Iowa State's administration gives a textbook lesson in BAD crisis management.

Do I even need to say anything about these?

4. Cyclone icon Cael Sanderson uses the Iowa State wrestling program as a stepping-stone to a job at Penn State!?

The most recent kick to the stones for Cyclone Nation.

3. Iowa State appears on its way to the Final Four, and possibly the national championship when a comfortable second half lead against Michigan State disappears in the wake of a shaky double foul call and bad shooting at crunch time.

This was kinda before I followed basketball. I don't really remember it.

2. Iowa State can clinch the Big 12 North football title in front of a home crowd by beating a bad Missouri team with nothing to play for. Missouri wins in overtime after the Cyclones miss a chip-shot field goal.

The first of the two OT games that cost ISU a place in the champ game.  I was at this game and sat though the flurries in the upper deck.  It was cold and felt even colder when Mizzou had the football going the other direction in the overtime.

1. #15 seed Hampton shocks #2 seed Iowa State in Boise. The Cyclones were Big 12 champs led by Jamaal Tinsley. Tinsley missed a lay-up to win it.

Paul Shirley's reaction sums this one up. I think thats how all Cyclone fans felt after that game.

Courtesy of Murph & Andy on KXNO

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