Capital City League

The first day of the League was Wednesday, June 17. I have to say that the league isn't exactly what I thought it would be, but I'm sure things will get more competitive as the tournament progresses. I would now like to break down each player's performance based on my marginal scouting skills. Vanderbeken, Garrett, Palo, Hamilton and Boozer won't be in this one, I couldn't make it to their game in time (sorry). Also, I don't think Antwon Oliver or Harrison Barnes played for some reason.

Dominique Buckley- Looked like the big brother figure. He hit a few shots but I was mainly focused on how he was constantly talking with Dendy and Gilstrap. He and Dendy tried an oop off an inbounds play but the throw was a bit too high. He played with a lot of energy but it lead to a few bad passes.

Scott Christopherson- I've never seen him play because he Redshirted last season, but he looked strong yesterday. He didn't shoot very much but he made the few he took. He had quick hands that lead to a few steals.

Chris Colvin- Colvin started off pretty cold. All of his early passes got tipped or picked off, he got the ball stolen a few times and he took a lot of bad threes. However, he settled in later when he started driving rather than shooting. He's very fast to the hoop and finishes nicely (unlike Diante who stops halfway and pulls up). All-around solid athlete and a good free throw shooter.

LaRon Dendy- I don't know if it was because he was one of the biggest guys there, but he was seeing a lot double teams took him out of the equation for the most part. However, I doubt he will see very many double teams in Big 12 play. He looked a little rusty on free throws but he showed a lot of strength in the post and usually got to the basketball despite the double teams.

Alex Dorr- A pretty unknown recruit out of Norwalk, but he had a nice shot. He put in a good portion of his team's first points but didn't shoot much for the rest of the game.

Marquis Gilstrap- Probably had the most impressive performance of the Cyclones I saw. He had a few Rashon-like dunks that came out of nowhere and woke the crowd up. He showed a good mid-range shooting touch, was very physical and finished strong after contact. Think Wesley Johnson except meaner.

LA Pomlee- Another Redshirt that I've never actually seen play, but after last night I understand why he Redshirted...

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