Support Your Team, and Your University

What's up SBNation? I haven't been around in a while, but I figured I'd contribute a little ol' fanpost before tomorrow night's battle royale (with cheese) against the Texas Longhorns. Now, coming fresh off the first win against a ranked team in the Greg McDermott era, it's easy to notice the Greg McDermott backers saying "ha! I told you so!" as well as the haters saying "fluke!" during the last few days. But does any of that really matter?

I've admittedly never been much of a Greg McDermott fan. Hated the hire. Hated the results. And, you know what? I might have even been of the opinion that a loss would have been beneficial against Kansas State if it would have meant, for sure, that we'd go into next year with a new coach. But that didn't happen. And yesterday during the weekly winter sports press conference, Jamie Pollard confirmed that McDermott would return for next year. And, if one reads between the lines, McDermott is here even longer unless next year is even more disappointing, or he gets Larryed with some co-eds from NDSU.

At this point, there's nothing that those of us that wanted a coaching change can do. 

Except cheer your balls off (or ovaries, if you swing that way) for Iowa State tomorrow night, and going forward.

It's not really about being "right" about the coaching staff. I don't care if I thought McDermott would tank, and I don't really care if you thought he would succeed immediately. Point is, we've suffered through enough crappy basketball to last us a while. No one should really care how we start to climb back to relevancy.

This isn't about the coaching staff at all. It's about the program, and its about the players. 

I'm calling on all you Cyclone fans to tune in tomorrow night at 8:30. And hopefully again against Baylor on Thursday night. These players deserve your support. Guys like Scott Christopherson, who has played through mono during most of the last half of the season. Or a guy like Craig Brackins, who turned down millions of dollars to take a shot at the postseason at ISU. Or even Chris Colvin, a guy who essentially told his teammates to fuck off after the Duke game, and has now worked his way back into the rotation, as well as semi-respectability. These guys have busted their ass all year, with varied results. It's not too much to ask to support them.

At this point it does no good to bitch about the team and the results so far this year. I'm not asking anyone to forget the last four years. We're all disappointed. But, you have a collection of guys from Marquis Gilstrap to Alex Dorr that have been working day in and day out to represent the Iowa State University on a national stage. If you can't make it to Kansas City, tune in tomorrow. 

As Iowa State fans, we've long held ourselves to be a great fanbase, thanks to our unwavering support. The men's basketball program needs that more than ever. You don't need to like our coaching staff. You don't have to like our athletics director. You don't even have to like each individual player. But, be proud to be an Iowa State fan. You're part of a special group that has undergone more suffering than many fanbases could ever imagine.

Loyal sons forever true, man. Loyal sons forever true.

This FanPost does not necessarily represent the opinions of Clone Chronicles or SB Nation.

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