Eff. Eff those effin' H's in their effin' a's.

Fine. That sucked.

You know what? 

The Cyclones lost this game last year, by four more points, and last season turned out to be pretty alright.  And hey!  Iowa State finally ended that ridiculous touchdown-less streak.  So while I expected ISU to be slightly more competitive in this game,here are the reasons not to be upset after the jump.

Reason No. 1 

Iowa State's offensive line held it's own against a great defensive line.  Arnaud was pressured a few times in this game, but announcers weren't calling Clayborn's number all game long. Let's stop the ri-goddamn-diculous Clayborn-for-Heisman talk right now.  Osemele kept Clayborn in check all game, just like last year.  Kelechi is a solid left tackle.

Reason No. 2

Arnaud played like shit. 

I respect the hell out of AA, but that was a pretty poor game.  Little-to-no pressure all game, and AA still throws three picks.  Most of the time, AA is rifling passes through receiver's hands or throwing at their feet.  If Arnaud keeps his head in the game, ISU's offense has a good chance this season.

Reason No. 3

The Kutch! At the game!

Holy shit.  I thought the Hawkeyes couldn't get a worse fan than Tom Arnold. 


Out of nowhere comes Ashton Kutcher and his "girlfriend," Demi Moore.  ISU fans love to talk shit about bandwagon Hawkeye fans, and it's usually pretty funny.  But Kutch, you are giving all native Iowan's a bad name.  As the current most famous Iowan, you are ruining Iowa's chance of ever being perceived as a non tool-producing, normal state.  Please stop.

Reason No. 4

At least I watched the game with other Cyclone fans.  Got shit-canned at the Cyclone bar in San Francisco.  Was a little worried about Iowa fans stopping in and talking shit.  Don't know why.  There are no Hawkeye fans in the bay area.

Reason No. 5

Although Sims and Moore are giving the Hawks a run for their money in the Fulmer Cup, Iowa is still the program most likely to enrage Antoine Dodson.n.  Congrats, Hawkeyes.  This is a terrible honor, but you deserve it.

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