Thoughts on the Iowa Game - By a lowly Cyclone

So...Iowa State vs. Iowa this Saturday. THE game in the state of Iowa; Iowa’s Superbowl. This is usually a fun game, and unlike many people i think that this year’s game might not disappoint. Here’s three reasons why:

  1. Iowa State is ready. Or, as ready as they will ever be. There were some mistakes in the Northern Illinois game, but overall i thought that we looked more sure of ourselves than last year. A lot of that, i think, is having two seniors at QB and RB. A-rob and Arnaud seem to have a tremendous amount of chemistry, and that is something Iowa doesn’t have right now...that is, unless Jewell Hampton is healthy...we will just have to see. Plus, i think Arnaud has some added motivation to avenge the atrocious game he had against them last year.
  2. Iowa MAY be overconfident. I’m not in that locker room, so i can’t be sure if they are, but this may be the biggest outside factor that will decide the game. On one hand, many Hawk fans think that this is the year that they take home a championship. I am not going to offer my opinion on this, but this has to be at the back of the players’ minds and instill at least a little overconfidence. However, on the other hand, Kirk is a veteran coach that knows that in a championship run every game counts, so we can’t count on them taking this game for granted.
  3. Paul Rhodes. Need I say any more? Rhodes (so far) has been the savior of Iowa State Football so far, so why not? He’s already exceeded expectations anyone realistically had for him and, by extension, the program. If he goes in to Kinnick and knocks off the Hawks, we might have to close off one of the hillsides, put a giant boulder there, and carve his face in to it. 

Personally, i see this game going one of three ways. 

  1. Iowa State wins in a close one. Iowa State plays a brilliant game and the Cyclones pull the upset. The boulder for Master Rhodes is already in transit via FedEx Express from the Grand Canyon.
  2. Iowa wins in a close one. Same story line as above, but Iowa ends up on top. Iowa State played a great game, but unfortunately, so did Iowa.
  3. Iowa blows us out. Sorry fellow Cyclone fans, but there is at least a possibility of a blowout. Iowa does look impressive this year, on paper anyway, and unless the Cyclones bring their A game Saturday, this game could be over by halftime.

That’s all i have. I’m not going to predict this one, because it seems when i’m negative i’m right, and when i’m positive, i’m wrong. 



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