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JJ Bass Kicked Off of Football Team? Maybe Not?

I'd heard rumors of such a move recently, and with Bass not showing up in spring practice reports, it seemed like there might be legs to it. Now a post on CF seems to confirm it.This might be one...

Who's Your Starter: Wide Receiver #1

QB: Austen Arnaud (So.)RB: Alexander Robinson (So.)TE: Derrick Catlett (Jr.)As I put off the inevitable confusion that will arise when I get to the offensive line as part of this little exercise in...

Who's Your Starter: H-Back/Tight End

QB: Austen Arnaud (So.)RB: Alexander Robinson (So.)In what might be one of the closer competitions in our little experiment here, we're going to look at the position of H-back. Aside from goal line...

Bo Knows Spring Practice

Cyclones.com is updating with video and pictures of yesterday's first spring practice. Among the freebies include runningbacks on parade, including #34 Bo Williams.

The Power of Positive Thinking

While fans of other teams are more worried about some sort of postseason play (a concept I'm not entirely familiar with in terms of men's basketball the last couple of years), I figured some...

And Now to Something More Positive

OK, so we're winding down on the close of the unmitigated cocktease that is ISU basketball. So, in my quest to find something positive that's going on over by University Boulevard (Elwood Drive for...

Why Grant Mahoney is My New Favorite Kicker

EDIT: Apparently, Grant has taken down this video from YouTube. Kind of sad, really. He wasn't doing anything wrong in it, so it really could have been saved for all time. For anyone that didn't...

National Signing Day Open Thread

The class appears to be done for the day, subject to change on any last second commitments. A good day, in all, for Cyclone recruiting, including a surprise at the top.Cyclones.com Signing Day...

Sunday Cyclone Debris

Just a few notes today. Iowa State's football schedule was tough this past year, but Phil Steele lets us know just how tough.Overall Strength of Schedule: 11th Opposing Pass Offenses: 3rd Opposing...

Redux: Iowa State 31, Colorado 28; ISU 67, Centenary 57

I'm tired, I'm whupped, and I need a damn break.We'll start out with the football game, as Iowa State dug themselves in an early hole with a stagnant offense. It looked for all the world like...

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