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A Visit With the Enemy: Oklahoma

Matt is the proprietor of Crimson And Cream Machine, some sort of Oklahoma blog. He took some time to answer some questions.

Just how impressive has Sam Bradford been this year?

Sam Bradford has been jaw dropping impressive this year! No one expected Oklahoma’s quarterback play to be what it is with Bradford. Sure we’ll give due credit to the offensive line and the talented skill position players around him but somebody has to pull the trigger and Bradford has done it almost to perfection. He’s the top rated quarterback in the conference and is second in completion percentage.

It’s safe to say that he has been the best surprise of the season for Sooner fans.

How have the Sooners dealt with the departure of Adrian Peterson? How much will the run game be featured?

Watching AP slice through the Chicago Bears on Sunday really makes OU football fans miss his play on Owen Field but the reality of the situation is that he’s basically been gone since last season’s Iowa State game. The Sooners have three running backs they play during the course of a game and they’ll go with the one who has the hot hand. Against Missouri, last week, it was Chris Brown who rushed for three touchdowns. Against Texas it was DeMarco Murray who broke the Longhorn’s back with a 65 yard touchdown run. Allen Patrick has had several big games this season and provides the senior leadership for the young stable of backs.

The coaches have been talking about the need for improved run blocking along the offensive line so I would expect the Sooners to try to run the ball early and often against the Cyclones.

How long will the starters actually play?

The starters haven’t been pulled since OU played at Tulsa four weeks ago. The games have been close since then so therefore the need to pull them hasn’t existed. I’m not going to come out and predict when they’ll be pulled just because Oklahoma has been a different animal on the road.

We don't hear much about the Sooner defense way up here. Who should we expect to stand out?

Reggie Smith is a name you’ll hear a lot when it comes to Oklahoma’s secondary. He’s a lockdown corner who has a nose for the ball and a knack for making big plays.

In the middle Curtis Lofton is a linebacker who wreaks havoc on opposing offenses. He has a fumble recovery and an interception return for a touchdown this season and his 82 tackles lead the team.

On the line Austin English is a guy with a tremendous motor and leads the Big 12 in sacks.

What are your feelings on Chizik and the job ahead of him at Iowa State?

Chizik certainly has an uphill battle to fight at Iowa State. I was shocked that he left Texas for the job but even more so with the Cyclones' record this season. However, we’re not talking about Baylor and you have to believe that if it can be done at Kansas State it can be done anywhere.  

Thanks, Matt.