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Sucks to be a foreigner on the ISU basketball roster. At tonight's open basketball practice, Jiri Hubalek was seen with a boot on his right foot, doing nothing but cementing the claim that it's a dangerous time to be a foreigner at Hilton Coliseum.

Word is that he's out 4-6 weeks, bringing him back possibly around the time of the Iowa game.

This and the whole Staiger clusterfuck will push some more young guys into early action. Right now, from what I gathered at the practice tonight is that Diante Garrett and Bryan Petersen will split time at the point. Wesley Johnson and Sean Haluska will do the same at the two, although Brister or Boozer could see time in at guard. The three will more than likely be Wes or Rahshon, with Cory Johnson being an option there or at the 4. The four will more than likely be Craig Brackins (who did look pretty good) and Alex Thompson at the five. The team was actually running with what looked like an extra guy at the five because of the Jiri injury. Vette played too, but he was inconsistent.

This team looks a heck of a lot less impressive with Staiger out, and even though he frustrates the bejeebus out of me, Jiri, I've heard, can play down low.

I'm not quite sure where the points come from in that lineup. Brackins will need to step up.

Also, I refuse to believe Bryan Petersen is out of high school.

Hi, guys!

My optimal lineup right now would be Garrett, Wes, Rahshon, Brackins and (shudder) Thompson. The best case scenario would have Jiri back by December, and the NCAA pulling its head out of it's ass and Lucca back on for the second semester. Either way, today's events have shifted me out of the optimistic mindset for this team into one that is more wait and see.

The moral of the story? If you're not from America, don't come to Iowa State. You'll get dicked over, somehow.

Oh, and watch out Cory Johnson. Duluth is basically Canada.