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Redux: Missouri 42, Iowa State 28

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Well, it's pretty hard to say what I saw today, unless you want details of me posting comments on my own blog while listening to the AM radio, but it's fair to say that again, there were some positives out of Iowa State today, and some actual signs of progress.

Missouri shot out to a quick 14 point lead and maintained that margin to the end, but we saw some fight out of Iowa State. First of all, it's nice to see Devin McDowell emerge as a playmaker on defense. I noticed him playing some against Oklahoma, so it's clear that he's practicing and playing better. It's been a long time since we've seen a defensive touchdown, and unless you were in Columbia, you didn't get to see it. From what I thought I heard, though, the ball popped up into the air, making two straight picks off of the tip drill. Returning it was just the cherry on top.

Milan Moses appeared to be a positive in the return game when he caught the ball.

Alexander Robinson seemed to decide he wants to start against Kansas State, with the most memorable game from an ISU runningback since sometime early this century. He was able to get into space and turn on some burners (burners that Scales and Bass do not have). The 37-yard touchdown jaunt on fourth and one was certainly unexpected, and I'm still waiting for it to get called back. Expect more running back by committee but with more Robinson. He did have a fumble, so he needs to work on that, but he has a burst that our run game desperately needs.

Bret Meyer still frustrates the hell out of me. How does a 6-3 quarterback get so many tipped passes at the line? His weekly turnover directly resulted in points. He did have a decent game throwing the ball, but his clock management at the end of the game was absolutely piss-poor.

All-in-all, anytime you can outgain a team like we did today and keep the #13 team nervous on the road isn't necessarily a bad day. it's another week of improvement. We have a shot to beat Kansas State next week, on the teevee, no less. If the team keeps its head up and realizes that if it plays like it did the last two weeks, Mr. Chizik can get win numero dos.