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Roundtable Roundup - Rise of the North

Twelve generally awesome bloggers responded to this week's Big 12 Roundtable, making them, well, the Big 12 bloggers of the Big 12.

Were Saturday's games a sign that the Big 12 North may be on its way back?

A lot of bloggers are saying, "Hey North, good job, but can ya do it again?"

It could be, but at the same time you can't read to much into one weekend. We've seen too many teams around the country already go Jekyll and Hyde. - Big Red Network

I would say that the short lived era of total dominance by the south is definitely over, but proclaiming that the North is "back" would be like saying a book was good after reading the first chapter. -

How seriously do we take the hot starts at Mizzou and Kansas?

All biases aside, I think you can take Missouri's hot start very seriously. The win over Illinois looks more and more impressive as the weeks pass, and don't overlook the road win at Ole Miss. The surprise, however, is Kansas. I really have no idea what to make of this team because they have played teams with the collective talent of an inner-city middle school. However, if the Jayhawks come out and beat Kansas State and get on an early conference tear, I reserve the right to label KU as a bona fide contender. - Every True Son

Oh my god — Have you seen Lindsey Lohan, she’s totally cracked out on drugs! Oh, and Oprah gained/lost 80 pounds!!! And I was watching ESPN yesterday, and they were talking about Notre Dame! Shocking!!!

Yeah… not shocking. You’ve heard it before - just like this Mizzou/Kansas hype. I think Mizzou and Kansas have great talent and coaches. I’m just getting sort of sick of getting excited about them, and then watching them fizzle out. - Horn of Gabriel

A healthy bit of skepticism indeed. Not much of anyone is buying into Kansas, at least, yet.

Pick one team from the opposite division that you truly hate, and say why; follow this up by picking another team from the opposite division that you don't mind pulling for, and say why.

Brace yourself, Clone fans.

Right now, I’d love to hate Kansas State. That is mostly being bitter - I don’t really hate them. I’d say Nebraska because they consistently give us trouble - but the fans are great and it is rarely a disappointing game. Colorado kinda pisses me off because they are either a) really good and beat us at inopportune moments or b) suck really bad and make Big 12 look (even) worse. Then again, they have a beautiful campus and fantastic fans. So… Iowa State? Yeah — Iowa State! How dare you take Gene Chizik! THIS is your fault!!!!!!

I’d love to see Missouri do well. Frankly, I want them to live up to the potential they clearly have. - Horn of Gabriel

I don’t hate any team from the South. I’m serious. This poses a serious quandary for me at least in terms of the second question, but I’ll have to go for Texas Tech. Why? Their coach is nuttier than an outhouse rat! You can sit at a press conference about football and the next thing you’ll be talking about ancient Aztec eating habits. Mike Leach is a mental case coaching football. How can you not love that? - Midwest Coast Bias

The NCAA has enacted a rule allowing you to bring back one senior that graduated last year to play for your team for the rest of the season. Would you do it? And if so, who?

I don't think that I would take any of our graduated seniors back this year. Not because they weren't good but because this team has gelled very well and up until last Saturday had a good thing going. The thing that OU fans need to hang their hats on is that for the most part this is a young Oklahoma team and will continue to get better with time. - Crimson and Cream Machine

No one? The only thing stranger than that might be a kicker....  

A nice easy one! Mason Crosby! The guy is starting in the NFL! This is no knock against Mr. Clutch (sometimes) Mr. Eberhart, but despite his two game winners, he lacks consistency. Not every field goal that matters is taken in the last 3 seconds. I still remember that FSU game where his misses prevented us from having a chance to win! That loss was definitely not the poor guys fault, but consistency man! He is giving me a heart condition. Also, that was the ugliest winning field goal I may have ever seen. But it went in. Maybe our guy is only a good kicker when its for the win in the final seconds? CU has had worse kickers. -

Thanks to everyone who participated!