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Cyclone Debris At The Movies

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For starters, here's the VeOh stuff from the Texas Tech game. Harrell threads quite a few passes into tough spots. Our offensive line also looks pretty overmatched at times. The interception and return by James Smith - who was Harrell throwing to?

NCAA Football Highlights on

More video for you. The Iowa State Daily apparently is taking cameras to the press conferences these days. This is video from Chizik's press conference yesterday.

CSTV is offering pay-per-view on Wednesday night at 7 PM for ISU volleyball's matchup with #1 Nebraska in Lincoln. PPV costs $6.95, so if you dig this sort of thing (ha, get it, volleyball joke), check into this. The game will also actually be televised on CSTV.

Iowa State gets straight A's from the Black Coaches of America. Take that, Georgia Southern.

Chizik's inside "info" may supposedly help us on Saturday, but this story from the Des Moines Register has something a bit more interesting in the sidebar. Is Gene Chizik happy at ISU?

"There's always the struggles of new job, new system, which we're dealing with some now," Chizik said. "But I love every minute of it. I miss the guys back at Texas ... but this was a great move for my family and myself.

"It's a great challenge for me to get this thing on track and get it rolling. It'll be a process and it'll be a journey. But it's going to be a fun one."

I think so?

Chizik said he was lured away from the Longhorns partly because of Iowa State's commitment to him.

"Obviously, they made a good push for me," Chizik said. "I wanted to be wanted.

"Everything has been exactly as (athletic director) Jamie Pollard has said it would be. I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever.

I don't know if I like Pollard being that honest.

Numerous articles mentioning that Gene Chizik might have coached at Texas before coming to Ames...

The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier says that Gene thinks Mack might not deserve some of the bad comments coming his way this year.

The San Antonio Express News says Brown and Chizik will not speak this week. Tim Griffin also has his outstanding notes column.

The KC Star also has some notes, including ranking the conference's quarterbacks. Bret Meyer's ranking rhymes with shmelve.

Gene Chizik says "rip snorting" to the Omaha World Herald.

Be sure to check out BurntOrangeNation for a look at Saturday's opponent.