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Redux: Iowa State 66, Dubuque 38

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It's hard to get a good draw off of tonight's game. Dubuque is a bad D3 team. However, people also need to remember that we are missing our starting center. Our starters didn't play for real long either.

Player Breakdowns


Bryan Petersen: Only played ten minutes. Does seem to be a decent floor general, but only shot once. It was kind of hard to get a read on him.

Wes Johnson: The Wes we're used to. Hit all three of his treys. Rebounding wasn't quite there with more play out on the wings.

Rahshon Clark:  I was encouraged by Rahshon's play. He stepped up and was hitting most of his shots. Much like Wes, I'm not sure he was playing too hard.

Craig Brackins: Ten points + six boards + four blocks. Not a bad debut, and he only played 16 minutes. Our guards need to get it to him more.

Alex Thompson: Unimpressive at best. Only bucket was a three, and was not much of a force down low.


Clayton Vette: Absolutely no touch with the ball, but ballsy defender and a nice rebounder as well. Needs to learn to get it to someone else on offense, but not a liability on defense.

Cory Johnson: Got a bit of playing time. Having troubles with fouls and needs to bring his game closer to the basket, especially against undersized bigs like Dubuque had.

Sean Haluska: Good shooter but still needs to set himself if he can. Active hands on defense led to five steals. Will continue to see minutes.

Diante Garrett: Smooth with the ball, can't shoot. If he learns how to shoot, he'll see more playing time. I was expecting a bit more out of him, to be honest. A pest on defense.

Marcus Brister: A bit turnover prone tonight. Got both his buckets on breakaways. Nothing outstanding.

Lee, Jacobson, Currie, Smith: No production at all.

ISU had a 41 point lead with 11 minutes left, at which points, the starters came out. ISU's last field goal was with more than nine minutes left. That doesn't say anything great about our walkons, but we could have throttled Dubuque tonight if we wanted to leave Brackins, Clark and Wes in all game.

All-in-all, not horrible.