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Redux: Iowa State 58, Winston-Salem State 44

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Tonight was a piss-poor effort, Wes Johnson or no Wes Johnson. There's really no reason a team like the Rams should hang with a Big 12 team, and they did. It was sickening to watch, really. Our starting backcourt was 0-8 from the field and didn't chip in a point until there was 41 seconds left in the game. The Rams also torched us from behind the arc. The effort from our bigs was also lacking as well.

Player Breakdowns


Bryan Petersen: Had four points, all on free throws at the end of the game. Was pressured badly during the game. Turned the ball over a couple of times in the opening minute. Played more of the second half than I thought was needed. Two assists, three fouls, four turnovers. I wouldn't start him tomorrow, but, hey, I don't coach the team.

Sean Haluska: Zero-for-seven from the field. Also passed up some open shots, which I guess I can't complain a whole lot about if he's going to miss everything. I guess the jump from bench player at Indian Hills isn't translating quite yet. I don't know who I'd start between him and Petey.

Rahshon Clark: Ten points and nine boards, I didn't think his play was a huge issue, though I would have liked to have seen him try and work for more shots down low.

Craig Brackins: Thirteen and ten equals a nice start for a freshman. Looked like he wasn't trying on defense some of the time, and he also got stuffed like three times. I'd like to see him when he turns it on.

Jiri Hubalek: Much like Craig, I thought he didn't try real hard on defense, but he did look a bit hobbled before the game. Thirteen boards was a plus.


Cory Johnson: A big spark off the bench, he was looking to score immediately. Also had a nice block running down the court. His playing time will likely increase after tonight, as I thought that he had a really nice touch around the basket - something we need desperately.

Diante Garrett: Eleven points and two assists. Still can't seem to shoot worth a lick, but at least he got the defense to respect him. I'd start him, but I also think he's our only point option with appreciable talent.

Charles Boozer: Wasn't able to contribute much, which disappointed me.

Alex Thompson: There's a reason that Hawk fans weren't worried about losing him.

The Rest: Vette played a bit, which means no redshirt. Mark Currie with a point and a rebound, on his quest to dominate the Big 12.

I'm really hoping for a better effort tomorrow against Centenary, or we really could lose. We miss Wes. I really hope tonight was just one of those nights where a ton goes wrong. Maybe we can start Garrett, Clark, C. Johnson, Brackins and Hubalek tomorrow.