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Redux: Iowa State 31, Colorado 28; ISU 67, Centenary 57

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I'm tired, I'm whupped, and I need a damn break.

We'll start out with the football game, as Iowa State dug themselves in an early hole with a stagnant offense. It looked for all the world like Colorado would win easily. I want to know what Gene Chizik said at the half. I really do.

Don't even try to test me.

What ensued in the second half was tied for the biggest comeback in Iowa State history. For all those run plays that resulted in 1 or 2 yards in the first half, and for all the blown coverages that looked like they doomed us, a different team took the field in the second half.

Colorado had no first downs in the third quarter. None. Zero. All the more impressive when you see they had the ball for just under seven minutes in the quarter.

Bret Meyer goes out in style, 9-of-19 with two scores, and, of course, a pick. Arnaud was decent in the first half but didn't do anything Meyer didn't as far as stalling out the offense. Alexander Robinson started out very slow, but really paced the team in the second half, allowing the offense to open up. Todd Blythe had the lion's share of the receiving action, and will also go out in style with a two score game.

Possibly one of the most influential moments in the game:

2-13 ISU 49 Meyer,Bret pass incomplete to Blythe,Todd (Burney,Benjamin).
sideline warning against ISU
3-13 ISU 49 P10Meyer,Bret pass complete to Blythe,Todd for 37 yards to the CU14, 1ST DOWN ISU (Harris,

That sideline warning was Chizik, yet again, getting the face of an official and doing his damndest to swing momentum the way of the Clones.

Oh, and as far as what happened in the last few seconds?

3-2 ISU 34 Hawkins, Cody pass complete to DeVree, Tyson for 1 yard to the ISU33 (Smith,James).
4-1 ISU 33 PENALTY CU delay of game 5 yards to the ISU38.
review for time 0:01 seconds on the clock
clock ran out before the snap
End of game, clock 00:00.

The delay of game was due to CU snapping the ball before it was signaled ready to play. An intelligent move, really, because otherwise they would have had no chance at a second field goal. I have yet to see any tape, but I really thought the game was tied.

Next week, Iowa State's de facto bowl game against Kansas. No one will give Iowa State a chance. Why should they?

One can only hope we get a Lou Holtz pep talk. We've got a chance to make some noise.


As far as tonight's basketball game, I don't know if a whole lot needs to be said. The game started out heavily in Iowa State's favor, and I really think it was a sleepwalk-fest from then on out. Bryan Petersen broke out in a big way with 18 points, as well as four threes. I was a little harsh on him last night, but when he can score, he can be a bit of a weapon. We're still going to be hurting going into Peoria without Wes, but I expect the effort to go up a bit. Bradley also lost on the road tonite at UIC, so it should be a decent game.

OK, I need bed.

Bradley, three days, revenge. Kansas, 7 days, ABC, Chizik versus the fat man.