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Iowa State Loses a Basketball Game

There's really not a whole lot to be said tonight. It's late and I'm tired. What we saw tonight is a team really struggling without it's top player. The Braves really executed a top notch game plan to force the game on our guards while eliminating Hubalek and Brackins. Rahshon Clark and Diante Garrett were both impressive at times tonight, but it's clear that we should not expect to do much without Wes on the floor.

Petersen continued his streak of me not knowing what to expect out of him. Now that he's got the green light to shoot, he actually seems like a better option than Sean Haluska at the two while Wes is out, leaving Diante to run the point. It's pretty clear that Diante is a freshman out there, but he also has the best penetration skills on the team. I expect to see both start against Minnesota.

Either way, by about Friday night, my plate should be relatively clear and I'll be able to offer a bit more in the way of a buildup to Saturday's de facto bowl game with Kansas.