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Redux: Kansas 45, Iowa State 7

Well, I came into yesterday with big hopes of possibly upsetting Kansas. The game started out with a three-and-out that gave me hope, but it really went downward from there.

We got dominated in every aspect of the game, save punting. There's really not much point in recapping with nothing to look forward to this season.

This game did signal a changing of the guard. Out are quarterback Bret Meyer and receiver Todd Blythe. In are Austen Arnaud and Marquis Hamilton. Meyer went out the way I'll remember him, missing receivers. Blythe went out with only a couple of catches. I really do believe Arnaud will be a better quarterback than Meyer. We saw a sweet double-deke form Marquis on a great cornerback in Aqib Talib.

For now, we can look ahead to the future. We return most on offense, including the entire line, everyone at runningback and H-back. We do lose a dependable receiver in Ben Barkema, but it's not like we threw to him anyways. Needless to say, I don't think we'll lose a whole bunch there.

On defense, we do lose our two interior lineman, our two outside linebackers, as well as Caleb Berg. We'll find out how good of recruiters the new coaching staff really is, though.

All in all, it was a disappointing start to the season that hit a high point and finished a little disappointingly. But, with Gene Chizik, the future remains bright.