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Rahshon Clark Guarantees Win Over Golden Gophers

Radio Iowa

Iowa State senior forward Rashon Clark says the Cyclones will beat Minnesota on Tuesday night when the teams matchup in Ames. Clark made the comment after he was asked what he remembered about Gopher sophomore guard Lawrence Westbrook, who originally signed with I-S-U but was granted his release after former coach Wayne Morgan was fired.

Clark says Westbrook is a good player, but it was a bad choice for him to go to Minnesota, "Because we are going to beat them tomorrow." Clark backpedaled some after being asked why he was so confident. He says they're going to give it everything they have and don't want to lose games at home.

What's this? Signs of life?

Everyone needs to step up for the win to happen. Rahshon was probably our best player against Bradley. We really need to win tomorrow to maintain some semblance of our team not sucking, I guess.