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Redux: Minnesota 68, Iowa State 58

We knew this game would be tough. And it was.

Tonight was a lot of ugly basketball with similar runs at the beginning of each half. Craig Brackins poured in 17 in the first half, yet finished with just 23.

After tonight's hot start, our inexperience really started to take its toll. Both Diante Garrett and Bryan Petersen really struggled to bring the ball up against the full court press. Garrett had problems holding onto the ball, while Petersen spent most of the first half getting trapped against the sideline. The press stifled our offense - one that struggled greatly for most of the game.

I'd really like to know what happened to Jiri Hubalek. A look at the box score shows six points and eleven boards in 21 minutes, but he also fouled out during that time, not to mention being completely owned by Tollackson and other Gophers on the offensive glass. Most of his boards were gifts - rebounds he didn't have to work for. He's also constantly drifting away from the paint. The best part, however, is him mouthing off to McDermott after he was pulled early in the game. His act is getting old.

Both Brackins and Clark had good nights scoring, but were really getting overmatched in the rebounding department. Giving up offensive rebounds to the other team is pretty much the reason behind both of our losses. That can't be totally blamed on them, however. The lack of rebounding is a team effort.

Petersen started at the shooting guard but struggled to find his shot, being undersized. Both he and Sean Haluska had three's stuffed, which is horrible to see. Haluska is something like 1-of-18 to start the year. I like him, but I don't like the amount of playing time he gets. Why put a zero offensively on the floor for 19 minutes?

Tonight was ugly basketball. It's a lot easier to stomach when you win, but ISU just dropped a home game to a team that won nine games last year. Yes, I know we don't have Wes or Lucca. It doesn't make the loss any easier to stomach, namely because something closer to fundamental basketball could have won this game.