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Black Friday Leftovers

I went ahead and scoured YouTube for Iowa State clips, and I came up with a couple of clips of particular interest.

The first is of Iowa State 184-pounder Jake Varner, ranked number one in the nation, against #2 Roger Kish of the top ranked Minnesota Golden Gophers in the 2007 NWCA All-Star meet. One of the most anticipated matches of the night goes to ISU's Varner, 2-0. Some words ensue at the end of the match. #1 Minnesota and #2 Iowa State match up on Sunday, December 2nd in Minneapolis to determine which team is tops in the nation.

Varner's got a bit of an attitude.

The second video is of ISU runningback commitment Jeremiah Schwartz. Rated as the #5 fullback in the nation on Scout, Schwartz is a 250-pound bulldozer who will likely redshirt next year.

Jeremiah's not blessed with some of the greatest speed, but he's got nice footwork, and some straight up freakish runs.

Finally, some Zapruder-like footage of ISU DE commit DJ Marshall.