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Allen Bell, America's Next Cult Hero

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So, I was again looking around the YouTube, and I really believe I have come across what seems to be the personal YouTube collection of starting cornerback Allen Bell, or at least a reasonable facsimile.

It's pretty clear that when he's not studying opposing  offenses, he's sitting at the computer, cutting some highlight videos of his work on the field, working on some amateur films, or yes, walking it out.

Are you familiar with Walk it Out by DJ Unk? I really can't describe this video any other way, except for that A.B. is well on his way to being a cult hero.

But wait, it really does get better.

What happens when Allen Bell matches up against Allen Bell? Sparks fly.

Oh, but do you want to see the best one? Yeah, you really do.

The good thing is that he's not doing any of that dumb shit that we see other athletes doing when they get put on YouTube. He's just there, bein awesome.

Superman indeed.