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Northern Iowa 61, Iowa State 48

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Tonight was one of the more disappointing games I've seen out of an Iowa State team. While it was a rather solid defensive effort, the offense made me want to puke.

Our offense doesn't function in transition, which leads to the Clones taking 15 seconds every possession to try and start the offense which then tends to equal dribbling around for a bit before putting up a midrange jumper.

It's not enjoyable basketball to watch anymore, and, for the first time, the natives seem to be getting a little restless about Greg McDermott. How much of what is happening is due to the players and how much is due to coaching is up to debate.

Everyone's struggling. No one can get the offense down. The guards are struggling to find the bigs, and the bigs aren't working hard enough on the boards and establishing post position.

It's late. This has the potential to be one of the worst Cyclone seasons in recent history.