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Redux: Iowa State 74, EA Sports 63

Tonight's game was one that started with Iowa State building a 14 point lead less than four minutes into the game and then pretty much trying to coast the rest of the game. Tonight's game was played without both Jiri Hubalek and Lucca Staiger, as well as senior Rahshon Clark, who was apparently nursing a sore knee. He was seen in street clothes before the game. ISU let EA Sports get slowly back into the game, and EA Sports even took a lead late in the second half, but a late run paced by Sean Haluska put the Cyclones ahead for good.

I would like to see a bit more of a transition game at times. I don't know if that has to do with McDermott keeping the reins on the offense, but it seems like our guards sometimes miss our bigs down low. My other complaint was the 40-22 point advantage that EA had down low. Our post defense sucked.

Player Breakdowns


Bryan Petersen: Seemed to have a decent control of the offense, and finished with six assists versus two turnovers. Like I mentioned earlier, seemed to miss some guys in transition, but overall looked decent out there. Had really active hands on defense, which was really nice to see. I expect to see him start Friday against Winston-Salem State.

Sean Haluska:  His trigger finger is still a little too excitable for me, but he made a couple clutch baskets late to really pull the Clones away late. I don't think he's starter capable, but he's a really nice option off the bench.

Wes Johnson: Double-double, again. 18 points, 10 boards, 4 steals, 3 assists, 1 block, 0 turnovers, 0 fouls. About the only knock I can think of is that I don't think he tries real hard on defense in exhibitions. I also like him a ton more at the 3.

Craig Brackins: Looked impressive again, but I'd like to see him move his game closer to the bucket. Awesome touch from behind the arc. Only five boards, I thought he finished with more than that. I'm really interested to see him play with Jiri. Needs to work on defense.

Alex Thompson: Played better today. Still has limited touch around the basket and will go to the bench when Jiri gets back. Hit a big three late in the game. Still frustrating as hell.


Cory Johnson: Five points and four boards, but still is a man without a position. Will see fewer minutes with Jiri and Rahshon back. Did hit a three, but was lost in the trees down low.

Diante Garrett: Wouldn't be at all disheartened if he never shot anything but a layup again. Still has an ugly shot, and was not as impressive on offense or defense. Will back up BP, more than likely.

Charles Boozer: Gives a nice spark off the bench. Plays tough defense. He's probably behind Haluska on the depth chart, but I don't think he hurts the team when he's out there.

Clayton Vette: Four points, two boards, five fouls, nine minutes. Rough night for the little guy, and was not near as impressive as he was against Dubuque.

It was probably a game that we needed to play tough. It'll be nice to hopefully have our two starters back for Winston-Salem State, but I would still be careful with the two.