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Big 12 Roundtable - The End Is Near

This week's host is Gabriel's Horn, a site that covers Texas athletics - an institution of I've heard good things about. Anywho, I was really busy last week and missed the Roundtable, so I decided to pick it back up this week.

1. With only two or three games left, how are you feeling about your season? Disappointed, elated, surprised, a little violated?

As strange as it may sound to opposing fans, I really do feel excited. We bottomed out against Texas, but ever since, we really have been playing on a different level. Playing neck-and-neck with two top ten teams in OU and Mizzou, then our biggest win in two years over Kansas State. It's a beautiful thing knowing that the player's are buying into Gene Chizik's system. We have a very winnable game on Saturday against Colorado, and I don't expect us to just lay down for KU.

2. I have to ask, how do you feel about the (possible) buyout of Fran at Texas A&M?

I could really care less, though I'd like to see aTm remain mediocre. The Big 12 North is where it's at, anyways.

3. We’ve picked coaches, players, stadiums and everything else from other teams. Now, we get down to something even more near and dear: mascots. If you could pick another Big 12 mascot other than your own - who would it be and why?

Pistol Pete. One badass motherfucker, if you ask me.

Talk about an awesome 'stache.

4. Unexpected Greatness, Unexpected Suckage. Who surprised you this year? Who did you get really excited about, only to be let down? (The first Roundtable asked who was the face of the franchise - do you still feel that way?)

I've been impressed by the play of our interior lineman the last few weeks. I've felt that Ahtyba Rubin was overrated and Bryce Braaskma was undersized, but both have really started to improve, presumably due to the tutelage of one of my favorite assistant coach hires in Mike Pelton.

The unexpected suckage goes to the entire special teams unit. From the worse than expected kicking to the inability to return kickoffs, I throw up in my mouth a little each time special teams trots out there.

5. I told you there would be booze. Characterize your team by the beverage of your choice.

Straight vodka. You know that it's not going to down easy, and that enough of it will probably make you puke, but you keep coming back. After a while, the horrible taste wears away and you start to feel warm and more self confident. You know you shouldn't overindulge and become too attached, but you usually do, and before you know it, you're crying and puking at the same time.

Lightning Round - worth double the points (which will still work out to zero…), and twice the fun!

- Love ‘em.

Jordy Nelson - I was enlightened as to his greatness last week. Really enjoyable to watch.

- Diss ‘em.

Colorado - No wins against the North + bad road team + Hawkins' eyes are too close together = Big 12 win number two

- Pick ‘em.

Colorado @ Iowa State - ISU
Texas A&M @ Mizzou - Mizzou
KState @ Nebraska - KState
Tech @ Texas - Texas
Baylor @ Oklahoma - OU
Kansas @ Oklahoma State - Kansas

- Rank ‘em.

  1. OU
  1. Mizzou
  1. Kansas
  1. Texas
  1. Oklahoma State
  1. Texas Tech
  1. Kansas State
  1. Texas A&M
  1. Iowa State
  1. Colorado
  1. Nebraska
  1. Baylor

Yes, I realize ISU is ranked ninth, but, honestly, they've been playing pretty good football the last three weeks. Oklahoma knows who we are, as does Missouri.

Best damn two win team in America at the moment.