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The Story of a Walk-On

I have to hand it to Ames Tribune writer Courtney Linehan. Her columns have been very good every week. They're not so much slurp stories or overly gracious towards the Clones, but they are actually good reads. Her latest is a feature on walk-on fullback Steven Ebner, a fifth-year senior, on scholarship this year, who will likely never take a snap in a game unless ISU gains a comfortable lead on Saturday (God willing.)

It's a feel good story.

I've never played in a game here. I've had a lot of people ask me that, "How do you go through five years not playing?" It comes down to me wanting to be here, always wanting to play here.

I'd love to take a snap, it would mean a lot, but I would never quit the team by saying "I want to take a snap; I don't care if we win." I know my position on the team, and I try to help us win that way. A lot of the guys, even the guys who play on the team, they know how much we work too.