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Iowa State 80, Bethune-Cookman 57

We've been waiting a while to see a game where we could just finish off an opponent and not worry about them. It looked like we could do that early in the game, then it got real tenuous as the game was tied at 27. Then we outscored the Wildcats 53-30 the rest of the way.

Iowa State came out with a full-court, or at least a three-quarter court press, but we were getting beat on it a bit up until the game was tied.

The Clones put four players in double figures tonight, not the least of which was Cory Johnson, who was 5-5 off of the bench on his way to 13 points. Wes Johnson also looked strong coming off of injury, dropping in 16 on 7-11 shooting.

The point guard position also provided one of the most interesting battles of the night. Petersen scored three points with one assist and no turnovers. Diante Garret, however, played one of his best games of the year, scoring six but also dishing out five assists against just one turnover.

Hubalek was also kind of solid in 16 minutes of action with 12 and 8, but I swear half of those rebounds probably occurred on two possessions, as our bigs were playing volleyball with the ball and the backboard.

Other than that, it was basically just a nice win. BC is a bad team. Other than a short stretch in the first half, we didn't look like we sucked. Now, let's see if we can't continue that trend on Wednesday.