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Nebraska Fans Will Hate Jamie Pollard. A lot.

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Remember the uproar about tickets to the Iowa game only being available to season ticket holders? Well, it's happening again.

As it relates to single-game orders, fans wanting to guarantee themselves a reserved seat in the stands for the rivalry game with Nebraska will need to purchase a season ticket. Beyond the tickets given to the Cornhuskers contractually and those reserved for tent parties, the only single-game tickets available for that game will be unreserved hillside tickets. Those single-game hillside tickets for the Nebraska game will cost $60 each.


Finally, due to the generally favorable response from our student body, campus community and a large segment of the fan base, we have also decided to open our 2008 season against South Dakota State, on Thursday, Aug. 28 at 7 p.m.

Not a big fan of the Thursday opener, but I'm guessing it's to fight the Labor Day exodus of students, so I won't complain a lot.

I'm certainly guessing there will be some Cornhusker season ticket holders this year, but, hey, they can give us as much money as they want. I have no idea if Pollard plans to charge nearly $100 like he did for the tickets we provided to Iowa for the game last year, but I have to think a lot of people saw this move coming.