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There really isn't much going on in the world of Iowa State athletics.

RockChalkTalk's interview with KU head baseball coach Ritch Price ends on a really interesting note.

Given events in Oregon, is there any reason for increased hope that Iowa State and Colorado will restart their programs? - "There are rumors about Iowa State."

Maybe Price has heard something, maybe he hasn't, but I can't imagine we'd try and tackle adding a baseball program back at this point.

The Big 12 is number 1 in the RPI. Looks like the conference will break into three groups, the good (KU, Texas, aTm), the questionable middle (OU, Tech, Baylor, Mizzou, KState) and the cripple fight at the bottom (OSU, Nebraska, ISU, CU).

Check out Cam Lee supposedly throwing it down at practice, making some poor guy his bitch.

Men's basketball plays Albany on Sunday. Hopefully the team can bounce back from the game against Alabama where they were simply just shot out of the building.

The wrestling team is at the Midlands this weekend, looking to capture their second straight title.

The Miami Hurricanes have interviewed Dan McCarney for their DC position.

Lucca Staiger says he's not too worked up about not being able to play this year, in a very poorly edited article from the Des Moines Register.

Toccara Ross will try for a medical hardship redshirt.