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Politicians Enjoy Football, Don't Enjoy Ticket Prices

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A story from the Des Moines Register that made me giggle.

When House Speaker Pat Murphy, a Dubuque Democrat, told ISU officials he wanted to purchase 175 tickets at face value for the Iowa-Iowa State football game in Ames, Pollard said no problem: Buy 175 season tickets.

So, of course, when they decided not to go that route, they went to the University of Iowa ticket office, where they picked up tickets at $90 a piece.

"They're treating everybody the same at Iowa State," Murphy said. "We were treated just like anyone on the street trying to buy tickets for the game."


It appears, however, that we may not have to deal with too many Hawkeye fans at the game.

"We've got plenty of tickets left in our allotment," said Mark Jennings, Iowa associate athletic director. "People are not knocking our doors down for this game yet."

Either they are doing the smart thing from their standpoint, and not giving money to Iowa State, or there is a group of idiots that are also Hawk fans (who knew) that are buying season tickets to Iowa State games without checking their own athletic office.

"And the tickets we purchased will be in the stands, too," he said. "We didn't get any special deals."

That's the point, Pollard said.

"If people want to sit in the stadium, they're no different than anyone else," he said. "They'll have to have a ticket."

No ifs, ands or spotlight-seeking presidential candidates - no entry without a season ticket, even if your name is Obama, Giuliani or Clinton.

"They'll have to do what everyone else does if they want to sit in the stands," Pollard said. "No exceptions."

I'm a registered democrat, by the way, but I just find this whole turn of events hilarious.