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Mike Taylor Dismissed from Men's Basketball Team

It's something that I doubt surprises many of us, but senior guard Mike Taylor has been dismissed from the team. There is no news on what prompted the move, but one can figure that he couldn't keep his nose clean.

"Mike and I sat down at the beginning of the summer and clearly defined the expectations that he needed to meet in order to remain a member of this basketball team," McDermott said. "Unfortunately, Mike fell short of the goals that were set for him. As a result, I have decided that it is in Mike’s best interests to pursue his academic and athletic career at another institution."

A native of Milwaukee, Wis., Taylor earned honorable mention all-Big 12 honors in his only season with the Cyclones in 2006-07, averaging 16.0 points and 4.5 assists.

"I had a great experience at Iowa State," Taylor said. "I appreciated all of the fan support and the opportunity to play in front of Hilton Coliseum. However, due to circumstances I got myself into, it is in my best interests to further my education and basketball opportunities at another school."

I originally thought that after the Cub Foods incident that Mike should have been booted, but I was accepting of a 6-8 game suspension or whatever was going to happen. Now, we're likely going to have another freshman in the starting lineup.

It doesn't really bother me that Mike is gone. He screwed up one too many times for my liking. I'd rather concentrate on the future.

It's pretty much a certainity in my mind that Diante Garrett will start at the point. The dismissal will likely result in increased minutes for Marcus Brister at the point as well. The shooting guard spot will likely go to Lucca Staiger, although Wes Johnson could also swing over that way.

Walkons Bryan Petersen and Sean Haluska will also likely see more time. Brock Jacobson will still hopefully see the bench.

This move is probably best for the team. The young guys will get more time to develop, which I like. Taylor made some boneheaded plays at time, and although he saved us too, he brought far too much negative karma to the team.