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Cyclone Debris: 7/19

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•  I think I've decided on Cyclone Debris for the name of a post with random crap that doesn't warrant a thread.

• Purdue plays us in Las Vegas, and believe it or not, we're considered a quality basketball opponent. That's progress!

• The University of South Dakota and Iowa State are negotiating scheduling men's games in either 2008-2009 or 2009-2010.

Terrance Highsmith is a dumbass.

• It figures Mike Taylor gets kicked off the team. Last time I made one of those, Dodie left the team.

• As we all know already, 4-star recruit Grant Gibbs picked Gonzaga over Iowa State. Don't let the door hit you on your way out of the state.

•  Other schools, such as Kentucky, are now going the billboard route.

• ISU is in the lead for TE recruit Kevin Finney. It sounds like he's in the Nathan Chandler mode, as a flexible TE/WR prospect.