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Larry Eustachy Misses Iowa State, Conference Championships

The Des Moines Register had a nice little blip about Eustachy's return to Ames.

"It’s time to come back," the former Cyclones coach said before Saturday’s Hilton Magic Celebrity All-Star Basketball game. "This is home."

Turns out that Hoiberg urged Eustachy to come back for the event.

I wonder what Southern Miss fans think about this...

"Southern Miss has been terrific to me, but Iowa State will always be my school," Eustachy said. "I love it."

Again, for all that went wrong there at the end, Larry provided us with quite possibly the greatest season in Iowa State Cyclone history, steamrolling through the Big 12 to a 32-5 record. Hell, that season started with a 4 point loss to Drake. Friggin' Drake!

Eustachy will also have a home in Ames.