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Big 12 Blogger Picks

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Okeydoke, my computer is cooperating, so here's my picks to go along with the Big 12 Bloggers Preseason Predictions. There's probably a really snappy name we could make, but, alas, I'll call it that.

Voters included, aside from me, of course:

BurntOrangeNation, Crimson and Cream Machine, The 12th Manchild, K-State Cat Zone, Double Extra Point, Double T Nation, Off Tackle, 40 Acre Sports, TAMU & Baseball, Big Red Network, Aggie Sports, OU Sooners Blog, Corn Nation, Bevo Sports, Husker Mike, and Rock Chalk Jayhawk

The results were posted here.

Now, to the predictions.

These predictions are pretty inline with everyone else. I think Nebraska has an advantage over Missouri due to not being coached by Gary Pinkel. I think Kansas State and Kansas will be decent, and while I think the winner of the CU-ISU game will be fifth, I think it just makes more sense to put ISU in the cellar....for now. Both teams have a ton of question marks, but I'll defer to the team that curbstomped the other one last year.

In the South, my first four teams are flipped around, but as you can see from the vote totals, I'm not too far off. I think Texas slips past OU, while I think Oklahoma State is one of the best candidates to have a surprise season this year. Other than that, I think it all kind of fills in.

My offensive picks seem to be pretty in line with what everyone else is thinking as well. The only real difference was the Missouri offensive line, but that's more or less due to me not being an expert on line play. Missouri's line doesn't suck, so yeah.

My defensive picks are also pretty close to the group picks. I flipped a coin for the linebacker pick, but I'm not making any arguments with the picks.

I felt Colt McCoy showed enough in his freshman year to warrant my pick here, where as Talib is one of the best cornerbacks in college football.

The blandness of my picks continue. I feel that Texas has the most dynamic non-Tech offense in the league, and I refuse to vote for a system, which is what Tech is. Oklahoma is the most skilled defensive team in the conference.

Finally, here's where I differ a bit. The ballot Peter sent out asked for the best or most intriguing matchup. I picked Texas/Okie St. for the conference matchup because I feel this game is a legit upset shot for Oklahoma State. That game will have an impact on who wins the South and the conference. I also thought that Nebraska's matchup with Wake Forest will go a long way towards telling us how good each team might be, especially if Nebraska gets knocked around by a very good USC team.

So there ya go, I'm utterly predictable.