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More Men's Basketball Schedule Tidbits

Some quick work with Google and the websites of other possible opponents this year has given us this look at the Men's Basketball Scheudle so far....

x-Nov. 9 (Centenary, Lipscomb or Winston-Salem State)
x-Nov. 10 (Centenary, Lipscomb or Winston-Salem State)
Nov. 14 @ Bradley
w-Nov. 30 @ Oregon State
Dec. 5 @ Drake
y-Dec. 17 vs. Bethune-Cookman
y-Dec. 19 vs. Texas Southern
z-Dec. 22 Purdue
z-Dec. 23 Alabama/Missouri State
Dec. 30 vs. Albany
Jan. 23 @ Kansas - ESPN
Feb. 9 vs. Texas - ABC
Feb. 23 @ Texas Tech - ESPN+
Feb. 27 vs. Kansas - ESPN

w - Big 12/Pac 10 Challenge
x-Cyclone Tournament
y-Findlay Toyota Las Vegas Classic (in Ames)
z-Findlay Toyota Las Vegas Classic (in Las Vegas)

The Cyclone Tournament, I'm guessing, is the Cyclone Challenge. Should be some easy games. We return the game to Bradley in mid-November. We head out to Corvalis, Oregon for what should be a respectable road game against the Beavers of Oregon State, a game that should be televised. We then play our customary first weekend of December game with Drake, and I would think our next game would be against Iowa.

Starting in late December, our games in the Las Vegas Classic begin. We host games December 17th and 19th against Bethune Cookman and Texas Southern as part of the first and second round.  After that, we head to Vegas with a matchup against Purdue. The winner of that game plays the winner of Alabama and Missouri State. The loser also plays, but earlier in the night.

On New Year's Eve eve, we host a tough Albany team that is best remembered for taking UCONN deep in a 1-16 matchup in the NCAA tournament a couple of years ago.

Three of the four conference games that have been revealed will have at least a regional television audience. Texas @ ISU will be televised on ABC, while both Iowa State-Kansas matchups will be on ESPN.