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Jason Berryman in Trouble (Again)

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Per the DM Register.

Former Iowa State football player Jason Berryman has been cited for driving with a suspended license and failing to obey a stop sign.

Berryman was involved in a property damage collision around 10:45 p.m. Wednesday in Ames, according to police records.

No injuries were noted on the initial report and no dollar amount was listed for damages.

Berryman, a 6-foot-1, 235-pound linebacker and defensive end, signed with the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals earlier this year as an undrafted free agent.

He was waived by the team after playing in NFL Europe.

Berryman’s time at Iowa State ended after the 2005 season when he violated the terms of a behavioral contract with former Cyclones’ coach Dan McCarney.

Berryman earlier spent 258 days in the Story County Jail for an October 2004 incident in which he was charged with beating up and stealing $4 from an Iowa State student, and for taking a cellular telephone from another student.

He later pleaded guilty and was released after completing his sentence.

I really wish that Berryman would distance himself from the community of Ames. He's no longer enrolled at Iowa State, and he seems to get in to trouble just when people thought he might have turned the corner. I'm all for giving second chances, but that boat sailed a long time ago. Possibly the best image I saw that describes Berryman was a cartoon in the ISU Daily with Berryman holding a shotgun to his foot. His blown his foot clean off at this point.

I know that some people are tired of hearing about Berryman, as am I. I'm just hurting for Cyclone news right now.