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Scrimmage Report; New Media Guide Online!

The Clones had their second scrimmage of the year today at Jack Trice Stadium, just minutes from the Republican straw poll. While we're not sure who won, there are some positives.


On the offense's first series from the 35-yard line, QB Bret Meyer connected with WR Todd Blythe (25 yards) and TE Derrick Catlett (18 yards) before Bret Culbertson split the uprights with a 32-yard field goal.

On the first-team offense's second series from the 35, Meyer hit Catlett (9 yards) and Blythe (18 yards) to set up a Bret Culbertson 22-yard field goal.

QB Austen Arnaud hit WR Houston Jones for a 30-yard gain to set up a 15-yard scoring strike to WR Wallace Franklin.

On the first-team offense's third possession from the 35-yard line, RB Alexander Robinson carried the ball for a total of 30 yards before Culbertson kicked his third field goal of the scrimmage, this time from 23 yards out.

On the first team offense's fourth possession from the 45-yard line, Meyer hit Robinson with a 24-yard pass out of the backfield. Meyer then hit Catlett for a 11-yard TD in the back of the end zone to cap the drive.

RB J.J. Bass had a tough 11-yard TD run in red zone work.

DE Rashawn Parker forced a fumble on the offense's third try with the defense's back against the wall. The fumble was recovered by DB Drenard Williams

Cameron Bell finished off the scoring for the offense with a 10-yard touchdown run.

A few things stick out to me. First of all, I keep hearing good things about this Blythe character. Secondly, has Meyer found a new tight end target in Derrick Catlett? The redshirt sophomore out of Ft. Collins has ability, but now he's starting to get time to show it off. Barkema obviously will have time at tight end, but has Catlett passed up Tinlin as the #2 TE option?

Alexander Robinson's emergence in the run game would be a nice sign for the situation we've got at running back. One would think that JJ Bass and Jason Scales will get the majority of the playing time. Jason Harris could be moved back to the secondary if that's the case, and a very promising true freshman in Cameron Bell could then redshirt and get a year to learn the system.

The team will have tomorrow off before two practices on Monday.

Iowa State's new football media guide is now online...which means I will likely spend the rest of the nite clicking through the PDFs.