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Big XII Blogger Roundtable #1

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Thanks to Matt over at Crimson and Cream Machine, we have our first good ol' discussion about our neck of the woods. I just got financially abused by UBS here in Ames, so I'm a little testy.

Pick a team (other than the one you blog about) from the north and south divisions and explain why they may be the best team in the division.

Texas in the South, mainly because of Oklahoma's questions at the quarterback position, which I hear is a big deal. Texas' defensive questions should be answered by a good offense led by Colt McCoy and Jamaal Charles.

Nebraska's defense will carry them as far as they want to go. Missouri has had a condition where they tend to lose one or two games that they shouldn't. I also can't rightly pick a team that lost to us last year.  

If the Big 12 Conference had a Heisman trophy candidate who would it be and why?

McCoy. Starting quarterback for the Texas Longhorns that was pretty damn good last year. Add in some boyish charm and the fact that he's not crippled like the second half of last year, and he's the man.

If you had to place a $100.00 bet on a current Big 12 head coach being fired at the end of the season who would you pick and why?

Franchione, as I can already think of three better teams in the South (that means you, Cowboys!), while Tech is always a wildcard. He's my top candidate along with Guy Morriss, and possibly Mark Mangino.

The one non-conference game, not involving your school, you would pay money to see would be?

USC-Nebraska. I'm really hoping USC shows that Nebraska isn't for real so that the North will be just a bit crazier, but I'm totally digging Nebraska's nonconference slate that also includes Wake.

Which of the four Big 12 schools currently ranked in the AP Top 25 doesn't belong there?

Texas A&M.

Make a case for one of the 8 Big 12 schools not ranked as to why they should be.

Probably Mizzou, as I can't think of a better candidate unless Okie State breaks through, as many feel they will, but with Chase Daniel and what we know they can be capable of, Mizzou is the team.

Prediction Time:
Tell us the offensive and defensive players who are going to make the biggest impact on the conference this season.

Whoever is starting quarterback at Oklahoma and Aqib Talib from Kansas. If the starter at OU comes in and dominates, it changes the landscape of the South division and they could fast track to the title. If he sucks, well, OU could freefall.

Talib can have an impact in the North race, as Kansas has an opportunity to say who wins the division. If they can upset NU or Missouri, it's likely going to be because he had a pick or two.


The Des Moines Register is reporting Cameron Bell trying out a linebacker. I knew he came in with good size, but the coaches must be concerned about the future at LB after Ace and Banks leave.


I love ISU, but classes suck.