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Alvin Bowen: Compliance Linebacker

If you ever had a soft spot in your heart for Terrible Terry Tate, head on over to, where WILL linebacker and Division I tackles per game leader Alvin Bowen teaches Iowa State fans a little bit about complying with NCAA and Big 12 rules.


Offensive Coordinator Robert McFarland has established the following starters on offense:

C: Brandon Johnson
G: Tom Schmeling
G: Reggie Stephens
T: Doug Dedrick
T: Ben Lamaak

TE: Ben Barkema

WR: Todd Blythe
WR: RJ Sumrall

QB: Bret Meyer

The runningback rotation is expected to contain Jason Scales, JJ Bass and Alexander Robinson. The other TE/H-Back/FB spot will likely go to either Brandon Tinlin or Derrick Catlett