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A Different Kind of Recruit

At this time of year, we usually have concerns of a certain kind. Many like me are back in the saddle on campus, going to class and sharing time with friends. Even more of us are pumped for football season.

Rex Stancil is an associate minister at Earlham Church of Christ in Earlham, Iowa, and he's got one heck of an idea.

Rex is planning to sell his fan allegiance to either Iowa or Iowa State, based on donations in the name of each school. Of course, that wouldn't seem too right, so he's got a different motive. This is a charity event intended to help raise funds for a community outreach event that helps over 300 kids in Earlham.

A former (or maybe currently, for now) Georgia Tech fan, Rex is doin it for the kids.

Here's some details from his website.

All donations will be tax deductible, so don’t be stingy! To receive a receipt for your donation (i.e., your bid), you must give $1.50 or more. All amounts are welcome, but a buck's all you need to help your cause!

Click the link and read for yourself. I'm not going to tell you what you should do, one way or another, but it's certainly quite the concept.


This is in no way meant to endorse any religion or church, in case you cared. Just an out of the box story.