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Kent State 23, Iowa State 14

Well, I was pretty well in the sauce before the game, and that's probably better as Kent State walked out of Jack Trice stadium tonight with a nine point win.

From what I remember, some things stick out:

  • Jamicah Bass should start at runningback from now on. He had an impressive debut and he had some nice big runs.
  • Chris Singleton still gives up too big of a cushion and will be continuously picked on until he proves he can defend a bubble or screen.
  • Philip Bates' redshirt was burnt tonight, which boggles my mind.  Two snaps and now we need to figure out how to use him all year.
  • Bret Meyer looked like crap tonight. He's not looking off defenders. One of his intercerptions was off of a tip, but the other one was just a plain bad read.
  • The offensive line wasn't good, but it wasn't terrible.
  • It was interesting seeing Robinson start the game, and Scales not play. Robinson has the potential to be a nice change of pace back.
  • Nice to see Johnson start in the defensive backfield.
  • I think Alvin Bowen showed tonight that on any other team, he'd be a second team all-conference player. For as much as he does well, he could be so much better.

I wish I could remember more of the game, I really do, but I only remember some of the second half. I'm not overly concerned, as building a football team takes time. The offense concerned me a lot tonight, and I'd like to see Arnaud/Bates take meaningful snaps, because it's awfully clear that Bret Meyer just doesn't have it.

It's too soon to make nay judgment on the new coaching staff as well.


UPDATE: I'll try and hammer out my thoughts a little more eloquently later today.