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Carper Out For Year

Per da Trib.

A loss that will hurt us in the depth department (again), but we still have Bowen, not to mention a senior in Jon Banks that has steadily gotten better. I do suppose if we could absorb a loss anywhere in the injury department, linebacker would be the one place. Now we'll see if he can get an extra year from that cuddly little group known as the NCAA.

Carper is working with the linebackers as a student coach during his injury.

Of course, in the same article, Chizik mentioned his system of releasing injury information to the press. In essence, he won't.

How does Chizik plan to release injury information to reporters? It's very simple.

"I won't," he said. "Things that happen within our football team, we are going to make sure we keep it within the confines of our own people."

Season-ending injuries would be explained, he said, but week-to-week, nagging injuries will remain under lock and key.

"You'll see it on game day and say, 'What happened to that guy?'" Chizik said.

Doesn't bother me.