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It's sucked walking around campus and surfing around the interwebs lately. Iowa State sucks at football. I mean, really bad. I can't even get excited for this Saturday, and that bothers me. Iowa State just got thwamped by Kent State and Northern Iowa. It kills one's motivation. Too bad it's not a new feeling.

I'm twenty years old, and I've been cheering for State for as long as I can remember. I remember being a little kid, with my Dad tuning the radio to the Cyclone game so we could hear Pete Taylor call a game. I remember 1994. Do you? I'm guessing most of the readers here are old enough to. I'm seven. Seven. Want to know how attached I was to this place at that age? My second grade report card said something to the effect of "expresses himself well in written fashion, but would be nice to hear about something other than the Cyclones."

But, back to '94. I listened to that Oklahoma State game. 31-31. Fuck YES. Of course, I didn't say fuck at the time, cause only my dad could say that, but I was pumped. WE DIDN'T LOSE.

How friggin' sad is that? I'm pumped that we bumped our record to 0-6-1. (Oh, by the way, we lost to UNI by two touchdowns that year.)  Am I going to be subject to that same sort of "thrill" this year? Well, since ties don't exist, it doesn't look overly likely.

What's our problem this year? Is it the coaching? Hard to tell. It sure seems like the personnel might be the issue. 2007 is a throwaway season. The coaching staff didn't want to say it, but it's crystal clear.

I can't decide which is worse. Could it be hitting a high and then bottoming out like this, or just being "the suck." We ARE "the suck." Right now.

Iowa State fans have been complaining for years about being portrayed as Iowa's"little brother." We're coming into this Saturday's game as such. We can't even beat Northern Iowa, just like '94. Pitiful. I'd just like to see some improvement at this point.

I'm a rambler, but it's hard to get in the mood for a big game that you really just feel is going to end in a skullfucking. it really is. So bear with me. Cyclone fans have had to put up with so much crap, so much disappointment, for years and years. I'm just 20, but I already know the drill. I just hope that that changes sooner rather than later.