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Iowa Scared of Todd Blythe; WR Last Spotted in College Station

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Oooh boy.

Iowa is on the lookout for Todd Blythe, the one-time star wide receiver who has not been getting the ball lately....

"To me it's a matter of time," Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz said Tuesday when asked about Blythe catching only seven passes in two games. "I just hope it's not this week, because he's extremely dangerous."

Um, yea, he is extremely dangerous, but we've had a pretty good defense on Todd Blythe, not throwing it to him and such.

The article goes on to talk about Blythe's pro potential, and how on film it doesn't appear like we are looking his way that much.

But my favorite line from the entire article?

"You ain't tryin' if you ain't cheatin'," said Iowa receiver James Cleveland, who admits stretching the rulebook a little, too.

Cleveland's line is in reference to Blythe's patented little push-off move - a move that has cost him before and probably will again. But Cleveland needs to probably not say that.

The use of Blythe is something that has annoyed me and other Cyclone fans. And no, it's not because the game needs to be like NCAA Football 08, throwing it down the field to him every time. The fact remains that he is our best reciever. OUR BEST RECEIVER. As a sophomore, Blythe had 1000 receiving yards. This year, at this pace, after facing the two weakest teams on our schedule, Blythe is on track to finish with 582 yards, only slightly ahead of last year's didn't play in four games last year.

The guy has towered over opposing cornerbacks and has proved he can catch in double coverage. Whether or not Meyer or the staff is afraid to go his way because of Meyer's throwing problems, I'm not sure, but there's no reason for a team to shut down their own biggest threat.