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Justin Hamilton Commits to ISU

After numerous whiffs on big men for the 2008 class, from Tyler Zeller to Victor Davila, Greg McDermott finally got a big man in 6-11 center Justin Hamilton.

Rated as a three-star by Rivals and Scout, I've been a little less than impressed by what I've read about him. The Cyclone beat out such powerhouses as Pepperdine and Weber State for his services.

The article which I linked to, by Chris Williams, show Williams' usual floweriness about anything Iowa State. Maybe I'm just not used to reading it, but I don't think this qualifies as a "tomahawk jam."

That being said, here's some quotes from our newest Clone.

"I thought it was a great town and a great environment. I just decided to commit to Iowa State," Hamilton said on Monday night. "I just did it about 15 minutes ago."

I take it he really enjoyed the atmosphere at the Iowa-Iowa State game.

"The fans and the environment around the entire town really sold me. I really felt like the team has their support," Hamilton said. "I felt that the coaching staff was a really good fit for me and that I fit in with the team."

Another reason for his commitment was an obvious one. That was McDermott's reputation as one of the top post coaches in the country.

"He is a really good coach. He knows what he's doing and I really want to play under him," Hamilton said. "I know that he can help me develop and make me the best possible player."

I think its a little too early to say that he has a proven reputation as one of the top post coaches in the country, but that's me.

Here's what Scout has to say:

Intriguing big man with a nice upside. Plays hard, willing to be physical. Good rebounder and defender. High major prospect.

The part I'm happiest to see is that he is willing to be physical and rebound, which is what we need out of a big. My feelings on his ability aside, he's now a Cyclone. Welcome aboard.

Hamilton joins Dominique Buckley and Wes Eikmeier in the 08 recruiting class. It remains to be seen if this will conclude '08 recruiting.

I'll try and update the recruiting board and long-term roster tomorrow.

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