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Cyclone Debris Is Treating a Sunburn

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Tim Griffin of the San Antonio Express News feels that we have three players worthy of Shakespeare. Slow sports day in San Antonio?

Where does ISU rank in the Big 12 in certain stats?

Scoring Offense: 12th
Scoring Offense: 5th
Individual Rushing: 5th (Bass)

I wish in-state coverage of the Cyclones could be as good asguys like Blair Kerkhoff give us from the KC Star.

Kerkhoff points out Chizik's hostorically lockdown defense in rivalry games. An even bigger surprise, however, is ISU moving up to 9th in the Big 12 power rankings.

The Salt Lake Tribune has some interesting tidbits about new ISU commit Justin Hamilton.

Justin Hamilton's father "forced" him to try out for the sophomore basketball team at Lone Peak High, even though the youngster had never played any organized form of the sport before then.

Wow, he has less organized basketball experience than me.

Phillip Bates has a chance to be special.