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Jamie Pollard Wants To Make Sure "You're Lovin' It" With Free McGriddles

I debated whether or not to put this in with my Cyclone Debris notes, but it's really too cool of a story to hide away in there. The marketing genius that is Pollard went grassroots Saturday morning, handing out free McDonald's to tailgaters before the Iowa-Iowa State game.

Follow the above link to video and pictures.

Pollard was joined by men's basketball coach Greg McDermott, women's basketball coach Bill Fennelly and wrestling coach Cael Sanderson, stomping through the student lots, among beer pong and flippy cup, handing out McGriddles and warm coffee to students and fans freezing their asses off before the big game.

It really shows that Jamie Pollard "gets" how to connect with fans at Iowa State. I guarantee you that he made an impression on students and their parents that will be remembered.

Of course, this was not without incident.

One Hawkeye fan wanted in on the action, so Fennelly made the poor young man do pushups (like serious ones) before he got his.

We've got a pretty unique crop of coaches and administrators here at Iowa State. Let's try not to lose them.

Coach says to do twenty before you get your McGriddle.

Is that a beer in his hand?