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Cyclone Debris is Out of Ideas

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The Kansas City Star has a nice little preview of the Toledo game.

Iowa State's secondary has improved, but it's still kinda bad. Sounds like Caleb Berg will miss another game, too.

The Houston Chronicle gives us one little fact about State, but at least it's interesting.

Iowa State used five field goals from Bret Culbertson to beat intrastate rival Iowa 15-13 for Gene Chizik's first victory as a head coach. The last time the Cyclones won a game without scoring a touchdown was in 1948 — 2-0 against Drake.

Tom Dienhart says something nice about Iowa State. I think. Wait....maybe?

Andrew Long, wrestler from Creston, likes the draw of the Cyclone program and commits.

"Cael Sanderson asked me if I liked it there, and if I had a good future in mind there," Andrew said. "I said, ‘yeah, most likely.’ Then later (assistant) Tim Hartung said it feels great to be a Cyclone, doesn’t it? I said, ‘it sure does!’ I watched them practice, and I met with the wrestling academic counselor."

Meh, I hate Hawk fans with access to mass media.

Gene Chizik celebrated the Iowa win in the coolest way possible.

So Gene Chizik went home and rested Saturday.

"I ate pizza with my kids and went to sleep," said Iowa State's head coach. "I watched a bit of football. It was an awesome night. I slept good, slept good Saturday night."

Cyclone fans are just going to learn to love this guy more and more.